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Last weekend, the National Postal Museum celebrated the centennial of the first airmail flight beneath the very plane that flew it.


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SCM: Post by Air – Exhibit

Post by Air: Fred Wiseman’s Famous Airmail Flight

February 12 – March 13, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, February 11, 5-7pm

This exhibition recounts the world’s first airmail flight, made between Petaluma and Santa Rosa on February 17-18 1911, one hundred years ago. The Wright Brother’s historic flight at Kitty Hawk in 1902 inspired innovators the world over to dabble in aviation, building and flying aircraft based upon the Wright flyer. It ushered in an age of amateur, air-born daredevils and record-setters determined to capture a bit of the glory of the dawning age of flight. In addition to trying to improve airplane design, the years of early flight were about flying higher, flying faster, flying farther, or being the first to do something with a plane—and less about the practical applications of heavier-than-air flight. It was this exciting time that produced Fred Wiseman, Sonoma County’s own aviation pioneer. Born in Santa Rosa in 1875, Wiseman raced bicycles and motor cars. After visiting Ohio to see the Wright Brother’s plane in 1909, he came home to build his own. In 1911 he made history, flying his innovative airplane between Petaluma and Santa Rosa on February 17-18 carrying groceries, newspapers and mail. It was the mail that made Wiseman a true pioneer, marking the first time that mail, sanctioned by postal officials, was delivered by airplane.

Sonoma County Museum

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